Have you ever thought that you could use your gifted writing skills to write something more interesting, meaningful than to post on your own Facebook and Instagram accounts?

What if your writings can be published in magazines and newspaper, and you can earn well from that?

Or even more, maybe you’re thinking about ditching your 9-to-5 job and become a freelancer (that was what I did, btw)?

Now listen: As long as you love to write, it’s totally possible to kick start your new freelancing career as a magazine writer, like from today!

Unlike other jobs, you don’t really need any special education to become a freelance writer. Of course, it’s great to have one, but it’s not everything, you know. When it comes to magazine writing, keep in mind the editors only care about two factors whether you can (1) write properly and (2) generate ideas that appeal to their target readers. That’s it!

Anyway, in case you’re still unsure, read on! Find out whether you have these 6 pivotal signs to thrive.

6 signs you can be a good freelance writer

6 signs you can be a good freelance writer 01

1. You love to write.

This one is quite obvious. I mean I have never seen anybody who does not love to write yet is a writer.

Nevertheless, your love for writing is more than just a hobby or an interest. It’s your deepest dream that one day you’ll become a great writer, and you know that you’ll spend the rest of your life fulfilling it.

You always have something to talk about, some ideas to share, some stories to tell people, and the best way to can do it is to write.

2. You’ve been through ups and downs.

Here I’d like to say the best writers don’t have to be the eldest, yet the ones who have made the most of their life.

Regardless of what topics you write, the more you experience, the more experience, skills, stories, feelings… you will be through, and they’re the perfect inputs for a writer to thrive.

PRO TIP: Since now you know what a perspective in writing is and how to craft it, you should also know that perspectives based on your personal experiences are the best to touch other people’s feeling. And the only way to achieve it is to live to the fullest!

3. You never run out of ideas.

Do you ever feel like your brain is likely to have an ideas popup function that will appear every 30 seconds, or is it only me getting sick of all the popups I’ve seen in my entire online life?

Anyway, you get the picture.

Your head is always so full of ideas that it sometimes hurts if you don’t have time and a place to write all of them down (let’s assume you’re not a freelance writer yet).

Well, in this case, a personal blog will help as a place for you to practise and honing your writing, brainstorming, perspective finding skills.

4. You love to learn new things…

… and secretly hope that you can get paid for learning and sharing them!

Good news for you: Yes, you can be paid for doing that – learning new things and sharing new ideas!

As a freelance writer, the more you learn and later turn your knowledge to useful content (in forms of an article, a blog post, an e-book, whitepapers, you name it), the more you can earn from selling your writings.

Since the world is moving forward to a work at home/work from home status, digital marketing is taking place of traditional marketing, and people tend to have everything done within a few clicks or swipe-ups, people are craving for more information and knowledge and stories and so on.

So, as long as you are willing to learn and can communicate them to the others by writing, you’re saved!

5. You’re curious and always ask more questions

Whenever you meet a new person, visit a new place, try a new dish, read a new book or watch a new movie, you’re always eager to know more about everything. You always ask more questions and of course, 100% engaged in hearing (and taking notes) the answers.

Then, that’s a strong sign that one day (of course, if you want to), you’ll become a good freelance writer.

Your dream-comes-true job is just around the corner and it’s only a matter of time for you to go nail it!

6. You know your writing is of someone’s interest.

This one is GOLD!

Maybe it feels a little bit strange in the beginning, I mean knowing your writing is of someone’s interest is kind odd, isn’t it? But rest assured, dear!

The more concrete you know, the clearer the sign that you’re gonna be a good freelance writer in the very near future.

It simply means you know your stuff. You know who you’re writing for, what you should write about, and how to appeal to your readers’ interest. You know what you’re doing here. And that’s just great!!!

However, don’t worry if you don’t have all these 6 signs to become a good freelance writer. Just keep calm and write! Practice makes perfect, and you know that 😉
6 signs you can be a good freelance writer 02

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