If you asked me about my current career path ten years ago, I’d never say I’d like to become a magazine writer. Actually, I’ve never ever had the slightest thought that I’d even become a book author one day!

So to the point of today’s post, are there any signs that may tell you that you’re gonna be a good writer so that you can focus on honing your skills from today?

Maybe yesss!

Signs you’re a good magazine writer

(Well, or at least you’ll become a good writer, if you haven’t started yet.)

Signs you’re a good magazine writer 01

1. You’re a collector.

Newspaper, magazines, postcards, flyers, brochures, you name it. As long as there are some words with ideas and good content here and there, you’ll keep it. Your bookshelf and drawers are full of this stuff and you don’t think you’ll ever spring clean them any time soon.

You know what? I’m that person. So right here, keep in mind you’re NOT alone!

2. You have a box for it.

Long before I finally became a magazine writer, I used to had a big cardboard box fulfilled with tearsheets from all newspaper and magazines we had at my parents home, as long as they were travel-related.

There were also catalogues and brochures from travel agencies, maps from different cities I’ve been to.

Everything travel-ish in a box.

And that was the box that made me who I’m today – a magazine writer.

3. You have a notebook & a pen by your side.

Or at least a smartphone, so that you can quickly write down/type in your ideas when you’re cooking/watching TV/reading a book/eating/listening you music/talking with people/basically all the time.

Ideas come to you so often that it’s hurt not to write them down carefully, as detailed as possible, because who knows it may be your next best writing ever!

4. You don’t read. You “rewrite”.

This may sound odd, but trust me, it will happen to you at some point.

When you read a book, or even an article, of the topic you’re into, you will irresistibly have a desire to rewrite it in a way you think it’s better Or at least to make some small adjustments so that it appeals more to you.

That’s the sign, my friend!

5. How you use words

If you can use more than five different words to describe ONE thing, chances are that you’ll become a good writer in the very near future.

The other alternative is that you’re gonna work closely with content creation and such jobs that require a high level of language fluency and the ability to make your words stand out.

6. You set the layout of your writings.

You do not write just for the sake of writing. You take a step (or many steps) forward by creating a layout for your articles, including visual assets, colors, typography and all this.

And then when you show other people your masterpiece, they may think you cut it off from a real magazine. Voilà!

Had you ever tried this one, try it now. You won’t regret.

7. Your thinking is (always) lyrical.

Do you remember the last time you were in the kitchen and it started to rain and you saw all the birds flying away and then you immediately had some lyrical sentences in your head, describing the whole thing in the Jane Austen-ish way?

If yes, go grab your notebook and pen (they’re by your side, btw) and write it down. It’s gonna rock!

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